Tired of traffic? Parent-Duty start as soon as you get home from work? Can’t have a moment to yourself for yourself because of kids, parents, work, schedules, roommates? Need a massage? Want to eat dinner in an upscale restaurant but can’t get reservations? Let our concierge team at Wanna Have Fun curate the perfect itinerary for you.

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Play Where You Stay Breakations (PWYSB) were designed for individuals to explore and experience all the great things in their states they do not normally engage. These activities are customized to give you a “breakation” from your everyday life in your city. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the day to day can get hectic between work, children, multiple responsibilities and schedules. Sometimes you only have a couple of hours to yourself, sometimes you can find one night to do something, maybe even a weekend. You might not have time to "go out of town". PWYSB allows us to create an experience for you based on your preferences, availability and budget. A Date night. An Overnight. A Weekend. We arrange it all for you ....... Enjoy your break

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