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Wanna Have Fun specializes in hosted group trips and extraordinary travel experiences. We are honored to have travel programs designed to assist our vacationers and provide guidance in navigating through everything from passport applications to unique destinations. Our Agents are at the helm of our Agency and it's because of you that we are able to service so many vacationers. 

Our Agents are a multi-cultural, diverse group of individuals comprised of educators, entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, professionals, community leaders, organizers, consultants and experts. As pioneers in their own right, that extension is embodied into the fabric of Wanna Have Fun which leads to why we have been a part of some of the world's most influential firsts. Wanna Have Fun is happy to announce that we are the FIRST ever Brand Ambassador for the Hennessy Premium Distillery Tours and we look forward to becoming firsts in other ideas and pave the way for more unique vacations.

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